Solemnity of Pentecost

Thank you for joining us for our celebration of the Solemnity of Pentecost at St. Michael the Archangel!



Worship Aid - Words for all songs can be found by clicking here (PDF Format)
(We are singing the same songs at the 8:30am Mass that we did at the 4pm Mass)

Pentecost Readings

Sunday Worship for Families | Morning and Evening Prayer from Give Us This Day
We recommend these ways of praying as an addition to praying with our parish Mass Videos.

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Details about Gradual Return to Mass

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Important Parish Announcements

Please keep Bishop Murry in your prayers as he continues to battle leukemia. As you probably have heard, he has submitted his letter of resignation to Pope Francis, for reasons of health. (Bishop Murry remains our bishop until Pope Francis receives and accepts his resignation). As a parish, we want to let the bishop know what he means to us, so stay tuned to our facebook page, parish emails, and bulletin for details about how we will do that.

As we gradually return to public Masses beginning this weekend, Pentecost weekend, we welcome you. Perhaps you are a long-time member of St. Michael's, or perhaps you are new. And perhaps this time of quarantine is stirring something in your heart, a searching for new ways to connect with God. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, and whether you are able to gather in this building or not, the church wishes to journey with you.

Public Weekend Mass has resumed: Saturday at 4pm, and Sunday at 8:30am, 11am, and 5:30pm. For the sake of continuity as we return to a "new normal," we will not be moving to a different summer Mass schedule this year. Public Daily Mass is Monday-Friday at 6:45am.

Please note that the dispensation from attending Mass remains in effect for all. Prudence is an important Christian virtue, flowing from the gifts of Spirit (like counsel, or right judgment), and for some it may well be prudent to stay home for now (for example, due to age or health condition). 

For those who are not able to gather at this time, we will continue to offer our weekend liturgies online, as well as other ways to pray from home.

If you are coming to Mass. please see the the special web page we have created:
There, you will find a guide and video tour about what we are asking from you BEFORE you come to Mass (including letting us know if you are coming, if possible, each week), when you come to Mass (we strongly ask that you wear a mask, and follow the parish's physical distancing procedures, including how you will enter and leave the church), and also if you are able to volunteer. Behind all these measures is the goal of Christian charity and protecting one another.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will resume next Saturday, June 6, at our normal 11am time. Again, we ask all who are coming to wear masks, as a way to protect others, including the priest. Those who are coming will of course be asked to socially distance. We will not be using the normal confessional rooms, but will instead set up temporary areas for confession (either face-to-face or screened) within the Church. Simply follow the directions when you arrive.

Eucharistic "Adoration at the Window" is now available on Thursdays, 9am-6pm, in the lower parking lot. Please stay in your vehicle and practice social distancing. Indoor Eucharistic Adoration remains suspended.

Even though we have resumed public liturgies, we are still being cautious about opening up the rest of the building. For now, we are not scheduling meetings and activities in the building.

Our parish office remains open from 9am - 2pm by appointment. Please call to set up an appointment: (330) 492-3119. If you reach our voicemail, please leave a messsage and we will return your call as soon as we can. 

Our Temporary Food Pantry serving St. Michael parishioners continues. Please click here for an updated list of items, how to contribute, and how to access this temporary food pantry if you are experiencing food insecurity. To set up an appointment, email Jeff Fricker or call the parish office: (330) 492-3119.

If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, feeling isolated, or feeling overwhelmed, please contact Julie Sutton at (330) 492-3119 ext. 219 or julie@stmichaelcanton.orgStephen Ministers are avaliable for tele-support!

Print copies of Give Us This Day and Living Faith prayer books are available in the lower level of the church (door 11 - lower parking lot), from 8am - 3pm, Monday - Friday. Please use expected social distancing and other safety procedures.

Congratulations to our high school gradutes! See our Facebook page and bulletin for information about them and their impressive achievements! Parents who wish to include their graduate are asked to please email with a photo and the graduate's activities and achievements (up to five)

Stay connected for resources and parish information at our home pageFacebook page, and weekly bulletin. Our home page includes resources for adults, children, and teens: prayer, faith formation, St. Michael music videos, and tools for navigating COVID-19.

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Thank you for your continued financial support of our parish, both by mail and online. Like all churches, this situation is hard on St. Michael financially and, of course, it is financially difficult for all parishioners and households. And yet, despite expected lower collections, we have also seen a real commitment from our parishioners to stewardship, including an increase in online giving. This is a sign of a vibrant parish, even in the midst of a difficult situation.
Our parish finance council continues to work with Father Benson and Bruce Gordon, our business manager, to monitor the situation, help the parish be responsible financially, while also ensuring that pastoral services remain a priority. If you would like to switch to online giving, please go to

Don’t let technology get in the way! If you need any assistance - or if you need us to enter data directly - please call Bruce Gordon in the parish office at (330) 492-3119, extension 211. Thank you.

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