Musical Meditations

November 2020

Nov 20

Sing Alleluia (Jeff Fricker)

Sing Alleluia is an original song by Pastoral Musician and Social Justice Ministries Director, Jeff Fricker. It was inspired by our joyful pastor who dances down the aisle at the end of Mass! Fr. Benson Okpara inspires us to spread the Good News while smiling and dancing and loving everyone we meet! Sing Alleluia  By Jeff Fricker...
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Nov 9

Gathered (Jeff Fricker)

This easy to sing melody poured out one day of Jeff as he was reflecting on how we now gather as Church. We gather in our homes, around our TVs or computers, as well as in the church building. We are united with our brothers and sisters when we pray at liturgy - no matter the distance. Gathered  Words and Music by Jeff Fricker ©...
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Nov 3

Chalice of Hope (Jeff Fricker and Roxanna Rish)

Inspired by a homily given by Msgr. Jay Clarke, "Chalice of Hope" has a driving beat, driving home the message that Jesus is our light, our hope, our salvation. Chalice of Hope  By Jeff Fricker & Roxana Rish © 2020 Jeff Fricker You are the One, God's only Son,  we give you glory, Lord, give you glory,...
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