Musical Meditations

May 2020

May 22

Spirit of Christ - Anima Christi

Spirit of Christ (Anima Christi) Sarah Hart   Our parish began using the Anima Christi prayer as an after communion meditation during Lent 2020. When we were unable to celebrate Mass together in person we continued to use the Anima Christi as our prayer for Spiritual Communion. This prayer is beautifully set to music by Sarah Hart and...
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May 14

Praise and Worship - Eucharistic Adoration

Thank you for joining us for praise and worship adoration - a holy hour with music led by our own pastoral musicians - Jeff Fricker and Libby Saxton. Sing or hum along as we pray for our faith, our church, and our world. "Adoration at the Window" (Eucharistic Adoration) continues to be available at St. Michael Church Monday...
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May 4

Chopin Nocturne in Fm

A brief reflection, in word and music, by our Director of Music & Liturgy, Libby Saxton, where she explains how this pandemic can make us feel out of sorts. Sometimes, music can heal without any words. Take the journey of music with Frederic Chopin's Nocturne in F Minor. CLICK HERE FOR ALL ST. MICHAEL MUSICAL MEDITATIONS Or browse by...
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