Gracious God and These Alone Are Enough

Gracious God (Jesse Manibusan) and These Alone Are Enough (Dan Schutte)

For our Lenten music this week, we invite you to pray with us these two contemporary songs of rededication. Let us give ourselves over to God in this first week of Lent, in this week of desert. Let us claim the great love God gives and respond by loving others! Sing along with us using the captions - let us praise our "Gracious God" and as God gives us his love and grace, because "These Alone Are Enough." 

"Gracious God" by Jesse Manibusan (c) 2009, Jesse Manibusan, Published by "These Alone Are Enough" by Dan Schutte (c) 2004, Daniel L. Schutte, Published by OCP. Music is recorded and printed under podcasting/video streaming license provided by license # A-724239. All rights reserved.