Don't Be Afraid (John Bell)

In the Gospel reading this weekend, Jesus tells the apostles to not be afraid three times, finally saying, "So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows," (Matthew 10:31). You are valuable. No matter the color of your skin, the language you speak, or the pain you have endured - God loves you.
Libby Saxton, Director of Music and Liturgy

Don't Be Afraid
Words and Music by John L. Bell
© 1995, arr. © 2008 WGRG, Iona Community, Scotland
GIA Publications, Inc., North American agent
"Don't be afraid. 
My love is stronger.
My love is stronger than your fear.
Don't be afraid.
My love is stronger.
And I have promised,
promised to be always near."

Music is all recorded and printed under podcasting/video streaming license provided by license #A-724239 and CCLI license # 11028324. All rights reserved.


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