Music Ministries

 Music Ministries

Music ministry is alive and active at St. Michaels! We have many opportunities to be directly part of music making and worship leading or to be part of bringing music to the community. For more information on concerts or how to help make more concerts available to St. Michael's, please see the Helman Concert Series page.

Dr. J. Michael McMahan, President of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians, once wrote, “The song of liturgy is a rehearsal if you will, for the song of life. At the liturgy we hear God’s song: God’s song forms us into a people.”  Music Ministry is a way to serve God and God’s children (the parish).  Taking part in Music Ministry is a wonderful opportunity to live our Parish vision resulting in the spiritual growth and unity of our Parish!   There are several opportunities to offer your time and talent with our Parish: 

Archangel Choir

The Archangel Choir is the adult choir that serves the  Sunday morning Masses. It is open to high school students and adults who love to sing. We are of varying ages and abilities. We laugh together, sing together, and pray together. New members are always welcome - no audition required. We practice on Wednesdays at 7pm in the chapel September through June. Mrs. Libby Saxton is the accompanist and choir director. For more information, contact Libby in the parish office. The first Choir rehearsal of the season is September 4th!


Ju-BELL-ation is St. Michael's Handbell Ensemble, and it is an active addition to our musical prayer. Handbells require a bit of technique but they are not difficult to learn. New members should be high school age or older. Rehearsals are Wednesdays from 5:00pm to 6:15pm September through June. We are always welcoming new members. For more information, contact Libby in the parish office. 


Cantors are both singers and leaders of congregational song. Cantors are required to practice on their own as well as schedule individual practices with the accompanist as needed. Cantors are needed for weekend Masses as well as Holy Days, Weddings, and Funerals. For more information, contact Libby in the parish office.



The Ensemble is a combination of instrumentalists and singers who come together to lead the evening Masses in musical prayer (Saturday 4pm and Sunday Lifeteen 5:30pm). The Ensemble loves a variety of musical styles and is led by Jeff Fricker. New members are welcome. The band rehearses on Thursdays starting at 6:00pm and the singers start at 7:00pm on Thursdays in the church. For more information, contact Jeff in the parish office.





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Libby Saxton, Music Director
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Jeff Fricker, Music Minister
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