5 Year Plan for a Singing Assembly

What's this all about?

All this talk about a five-year plan for a fully singing assembly was born of a workshop presented at a National Convention of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. Jennifer Kerr Breedlove has many years of experience as a parish music director as well as a music director for the Archdioes of Chicago's Office for Divine Worship and through her experiences comes an actual method of hearing a parish grow into their worship singing voice. Jennerifer Kerr Breedlove wrote a book called "Sowing Seeds, Bearing Fruit: A Five-Year Process for Growing a Singing Congregation" where she compares the assembly to a garden and the musicians to gardeners, needing to know how to best prepare the soil (the people) for the best growth (using their singing voices). 

What does this have to do with me?

For the last year, the Music Minsitry office has been collecting surveys evaluating the music and participation of weekend liturgies. Maybe you helped fill out a survey? The results are in! Some of us sing some of the time. :-D 

What will happen this year?

We are entering on Year 2 of this process, where we will build on our strengths and form our ministers to better serve and form the assembly on when and how to sing! Music Ministry team is committed to helping make this as easy as possible. We will try to play the songs in a range that is easy to sing, we will try to play the songs in at a speed that is easy to sing and we will not ask you to sing any new songs. If there is anything that we can do to further assist you to sing more, please contact Libby Saxton in the parish office.

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