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Girl Scouts


Its All About Fun, Friends & Fantastic Opportunities!!

What Is Girl Scouting?

  • Girl Scouting is for every girl, everywhere—where today's girls can become tomorrow's leaders. Membership in Girl Scouts is open to girls ages 8-17; women and men over 17 can join as adult members.
  • Most girls join a local troop or group for fun and friendship, but they also find out about building character and self-esteem and serving their communities—the core qualities of Girl Scouting. In Girl Scouts, girls find a safe place to grow and share new experiences, learn to relate to others, develop values, and contribute to society.

The Girl Scout program is based on the needs and interests of girls. All members:   

  • Share the Girl Scout Promise and Law.     
  • Pay national dues of $10.00.     
  • Follow safety guidelines.

Ready to Become, Belong, Believe, and Build - Girl Scouts 11-17

  • Girls ages 11-17 participate in Girl Scouting in many ways. Under the guidance of a trained adult advisor, girls mix and match activities and resources to suit their needs while giving back to their communities. They connect with each other and build self-esteem and confidence in their skills as they work on a range of projects and gain life experiences.

Sample Activities for Girl Scouts 11-17 

  • Learning how to be a first responder in an emergency
  • Setting goals and earning charms related to a STUDIO 2BSM Focus book
  • Exploring their future career options with a mentor
  • Spending a summer as a counselor-in-training at camp
  • Rafting down Class III (moderately difficult) rapids with a river guide
  • Publishing their stories online on the STUDIO 2B Web site
  • Attending a Broadway play on a trip to New York City
  • Investing "play dough" in a stock-market game and beating the experts
  • Earning a Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouting, for working on a project that benefits their community
  • Traveling across the country or around the world to explore culture, science, the outdoors, and more through STUDIO 2B destinations.

Uniforms and Books

  • Girl Scouts 11-17 can wear the Girl Scout Membership Pin, showing they belong to Girl Scouts of the USA, and the World Trefoil Pin, signifying membership in a worldwide Movement. They can choose from uniform components for Girl Scouts 11-17 and STUDIO 2B T-shirts—or do their own thing. Girls can also buy a sash or vest to display Interest Project Awards and other insignia or purchase a bracelet or charm holder for STUDIO 2B charms. Many resources are available for both advisors and girls, including handbooks, Interest Projects for Girls 11-17, and STUDIO 2B Focus books.

Too Old to Join?

  • No way! Girls don't have to worry about what they've missed—just look forward to what they can experience as an 11- to 17-year-old in Girl Scouting.






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